Software Factory Done Right

Kodo Kojo enables you to set up, manage and monitor a full out-of-the-box software factory within less than 10 minutes (Source Code Management, Continuous Integration, Quality Management and Artefacts Repository).

It allows you to focus on high value added task instead of reinventing the wheel each time you start a new project. No more time wasted on setting up your software factory bricks, linking them together, monitoring them, managing users on each of them... You can start writing code straight ahead.

Your software factory in 3 clicks!

3 click factory step 01
3 click factory step 02
3 click factory step 03

Main Features

A 3-clicks factory

Build a complete software factory (SCM, CI, REPo and QA) in 3 clicks.

Rights management

Create users, manage project accesses, administrate rights, disable accounts if needed.


Follow the status and logs of the Software Factory components.

SaaS Access

Start with Kodo Kojo right now, using our hosted platform.

Top notch stack!

About the Community

If you want to be part of the Kodo Kojo journey, there are many ways for you to get in touch or to get involved.

We value every feedback and every occasion to exchange that makes the whole community richer and helps us to go further.

Get Involved

Report or track a bug

New bugs can be reported on our issue tracker. See the guidelines here.

Contribute to a patch

You’ve fixed a bug or added a feature and want to contribute it. Thank you very much for that!

Patches are the best way to provide a bug fix or to propose enhancements to Kodo Kojo. Just follow our contribution guidelines.

Contribution guidelines

We are using the Collective Code Construction Contract (C4). It aims to provide an optimal collaboration model for free software projects by:

  • Reducing the friction for new Contributors;
  • Separating different skill sets;
  • Increasing the diversity of the decision making process;
  • Allowing safe experimentation, rapid failure, and isolation of stable code;
  • Making it easier for Contributors to participate;

To achieve this, it defines rules on:

Get In Touch

Join our mailing list to stay up to date and get notices about our new releases!


Come chat with the community

Developers and users chat at  Gitter.

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We love to share

Knowledge sharing is part of our DNA. We are always looking for occasion to share what we learned building Kodo Kojo.

Have an insight of our previous talks on slideshare .

If you are looking for a tech speech for a Meetup, a User Group or a conference, please just ask.

Our Public Roadmap

As it’s important for us to give you visibility and to get your feedback, we publish an overview of the Kodo Kojo forecast roadmap on Trello  .

This public roadmap is not a strict commitment to all the features or schedule. We do work in a very iterative way and embrace changes and flexibility.

  Vote on the roadmap

Build from the source

If you want to build the project locally, here are two links to look at:
Kodo Kojo Backend readme
Kodo Kojo UI readme

We still have lots of work to do on documentation and we will be very thankful if you can point out any missing or unclear part.

Meet our great core Team

Jean-Pascal Thiery Dev @ Kodo Kojo

Java developer, Craftsman and convinced agilist, Jean-Pascal explored the roads of Continuous Integration & Delivery until he naturally integrates the DevOps movement.

He likes: Java, Docker, Mesos and high quality deliverables.

He does not like sentences beginning with “Normally, …”.

Antoine Le Taxin Dev @ Kodo Kojo

Frontend developer who likes backend too, Antoine is a Javascript early ages afición. He follows with passion the ecosystem evolutions: Backbone to React through Angular, Vanilla and Node, many JS frameworks passed under his fingers.

He recently discovered that he likes to play with containers too.

React & Redux
Pablo Lopez CTO @ Xebia

During the last 12 years, Pablo has grown as a solid and experienced software architect.

Operational by taste, he participates to a wide variety of projects and missions form performance analysis to software architecture consulting.

Aurelien MauryCTO @ WeScale

During his career, Aurélien has acquired an extensive experience in the development of web applications, the IS architecture and the use of cloud platforms.

Its areas of predilection: Cloud, DevOps, performance monitoring, automation and IS integration.

His credo: Make it work; Make it right; Make it fast!